ICAO English Language Proficiency for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

English is the international language of aviation, and the International Civil Aviation Organization requires all pilots and air traffic controllers to be competent in English. Aeolus Aviation provides an approved ICAO English Language proficiency examination service called 'Alpha - Tango' as well as a short tuition course in English for aviation.

The examination

The examination is computer based. Applicants sit in front of a computer and watch aviation related situations on the screen and listen to spoken English through headphones. The applicant will be asked to answer questions about what they see on the screen or about what they have heard. The applicants speech is recorded. All questions and images are aviation related and only cover subjects or situations that are familiar to pilots. The process takes up to an hour and a half.


The recorded speech is sent electronically to external assessors for marking according to the requirements of ICAO Doc 9834 – AN /453, this can take one or two days. Once the marks have been awarded they are returned to Aeolus who then issues a certificate to the student.

The voice recording is assessed on the following criteria and a score of between 1 and 6 is awarded for each:

1. Pronunciation

2. Structure

3. Vocabulary

4. Fluency

5. Comprehension

6. Interactions

The applicant is also given an overall score which is the applicant final result. The ICAO standards require a score of 4 or higher for operational purposes. A score of below 4 does not meet the minimum requirements for English language proficiency for pilots or air traffic controllers.

Once an Applicant receives their examination results they may present them to their Civil Aviation Authority for inclusion on their flight license.

Application Procedure

Please contact Aeolus Aviation either by email or by telephone to book your examination slot. Your will be require to bring proof of identity and a we will require a passport sized photograph of yourself. You do NOT need to be a licensed pilot to sit the examination.


Course cost including issuance of certificate is 220 Euro - V.A.T at 23% will be charged if this certificate is required for a non commercial license.