Airbus A320

This exceptional value for money course provides the candidate with all the threorectical and practical training required to obtain a rating on this aircraft type. Theorectical training is conducted at Aeolus training facility and synthetic flight training is provided by our training partner on a virtual proceedure taining and Level D Full Flight Simulator.

Ground training lasts 22 days and include 132 hours of instructed lessons. Synthetic flight training last for 8 days and includes 48 hours time in the simulator.The course is run to the highest of standards and our instructors are experts in their field. For details on the course and its contents please see the course overview document found here [A320 Type Rating Overview]

We use a Virtual proceedure trainer and Full Flight simulator as training tools. Their specifications and photographs of the actual devices are shown below:

  A320 MFTD   A320 FFS
Type of Aircraft Airbus A320 Family   Airbus A320 Family
STD Qual. Level EASA FTD Level 1   JAR FSTD A Level D
Visual System No   CAE Tropos 6000, FOV 180x40 wide
Motion Systems No   6 DOF EMM 60’– Electric
Engine Fit CFM56-5B4, IAE V2527-A   CFM56-5B4, IAE V2527-A5
Instrument Fit Honeywell Pegasus (with Thales MCDU), Airbus STD 1.7   Honeywell Pegasus (with Thales MCDU), Airbus STD 1.6
Windshear Yes   Yes
Additional Capabilities EGPWS, ATIS, WRX, GPS   Smoke, EGPWS, ATIS, PWS, WRX, GPS