Zero to Frozen Airline Transport Pilot License
Modular Training


The ATPL(A) course, provides pilots the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on Multi-Pilot Multi-Engine aeroplanes in Commercial Air Transport and to obtain the CPL(A)/IR.

This course includes the necessary:

  • theoretical knowledge instruction; and
  • flight instruction,

for an applicant to perform as PIC of the appropriate aircraft category, the relevant procedures and manoeuvres with the competency appropriate to the privileges granted.

Furthermore, provided in this course is the necessary Skill Test, required by EASA Part FCL, for a ‘frozen’ Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

Note: An applicant for the issue of an ATPL shall have fulfilled the requirements for the type rating of the aircraft used in the skill test.


Minimum Age : 14 years for course entry, 16 years for first solo, 18 years for issuance of ratings
Medical Certificate : Class I
Previous training : None required
Theoretical training : None required


The privileges of the holder of an ATPL(A) are, within the appropriate aircraft category, to:

  • exercise all the privileges of the holder of an LAPL(A), PPL(A) and CPL(A);
  • act as PIC of aircraft engaged in Commercial Air Transport.
  • PPL flight training
  • PPL theory
  • English Language Proficiency for Aviation use (ICAO requirement)
  • Night rating
  • Hour building
  • ATPL theory
  • CPL
  • IR
  • MEP
Material / Equipment provided

This course is a Modular and each of these modules is available as an independent courses. For a complete list of the material and equipment provided with this course, refer to the individual courses as listed in the Contents section above.