Performance-based Navigation (PBN)

In accordance with European Aircrew Regulations, EASA Part-FCL Licence holders may only fly in accordance with Performance-based Navigation (PBN) procedures, after PBN privileges have been granted as an endorsement to their Instrument Rating (IR). PBN privileges

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Base Training

With the exception of Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT) courses, the Type Rating course requirements for aeroplanes stipulate that the applicant shall complete takeoffs and landings in the aeroplane, under the supervision of an appropriately qualified

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Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ) [Airbus]

Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ), are courses designed to transition qualified pilots within the Airbus “Fly-by-Wire” family. A CCQ course is a course which only addresses the differences between the base aircraft and the difference aircraft (new

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ATR42/72 [Initial/Revalidation/Renewal]

This course is for pilots that wish to obtain an ATR42/72 Type Rating, and it is conducted according to EASA Part-FCL Regulations. Aeolus Aviation Academy offers, as well: Type Revalidation (while within the validity of the

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Jet Orientation Course (JOC)

A Jet Orientation Course enables pilots to transition from flying on a single pilot aircraft to their first type rating on a multi-crew aircraft. It is an additional training mainly intended for pilots without any jet

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