Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ)


Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ), are courses designed to transition qualified pilots within the Airbus “Fly-by-Wire” family.
A CCQ course is a course which only addresses the differences between the base aircraft and the difference aircraft (new type). Consequently, pilots entering this course must be highly knowledgeable on the base aircraft systems.
Although the CCQ final system test is identical to the one required for a standard Type Rating course, the CCQ Ground School part is only dedicated to differences.
Note: Transition courses are performed on a basic variant aircraft, e.g. the A320, which covers the A320 family (A318/A319/A320/A321).
When transitioning to another variant than the basic one, a different course is needed, called Familiarisation Course.

Course Objective

A CCQ course objective is to give a pilot the necessary theorical knowledge and practical skills to safely and efficiently operate the aircraft.
Moreover, to train the pilot to acquire the level of knowledge and operational skills to successfully pass an EASA Part-FCL MPA Skill Test.

Additional Information

The minimum experience to commence a CCQ course is to:

  • be current on the base aircraft;
  • fly the base aircraft for a minimum of 3 months; and
  • have 150 hours on it.

Note: ZFTT requirements shall also apply

AEOLUS Aviation Academy is approved to deliver CCQ courses on the A320, A330, and A340 aircraft.