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Examiner Resources

Flight Examiner Manual - HCAA

The Flight Examiner Manual, published by the HCAA, strives to provide standardisation directives and guidance in various aspects concerning the conduct of skill tests, proficiency checks and assessments of competence to holders of HCAA issued Part-FCL licenses, providing all HCAA Part-FCL certified examiners a tool to fulfil effectively their function.
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Flight Examiner Handbook - HCAA

The Flight Examiner Handbook, published by the HCAA, contains guidance for HCAA Licensing Inspectors with regard to the training and management of examiners. The guidance and procedures contained in this Handbook strive to enhance the application of standards and best practices in order to meet the Part-FCL requirements.
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Examiner Differences Document - EASA

The Examiner Differences Document, published by EASA, contains the latest available information on the relevant national administrative procedures, requirements for protection of personal data, liability, accident insurance and fees for each EASA Member State for which the competent authority is not the same that issued the examiner’s certificate.
It is intended for use by examiners with a Part-FCL examiner certificate conducting a test, check or assessment of competence on a Part-FCL licence holder whose licence was issued by a competent authority other than their own.
This document is not meant to be used by examiners with examiner certificates or authorisations issued by third countries other than the EASA member states.
The national administrative procedures applicable to each EASA member state, contained in the document, should be reviewed and applied when conducting a skill test, proficiency check or assessment of competence on a respective member state licence holder. Furthermore, any additional member state specific requirements in addition to those specified in this section, i.e. liability, accident insurance, and personal data protection related information, should also be reviewed and taken into account by the examiner as appropriate.
download e1593720738599 EXAMINER DIFFERENCES DOCUMENT – Version 2021 Q2