Performance-based Navigation


In accordance with European Aircrew Regulations, EASA Part-FCL Licence holders may only fly in accordance with Performance-based Navigation (PBN) procedures, after PBN privileges have been granted as an endorsement to their Instrument Rating (IR). PBN privileges may be granted when an EASA Part-FCL Licence holder:

  • successfully completes a PBN Course provided by an EASA approved ATO (either as a stand-alone course or as integrated in an IR Training Course); or
  • demonstrates familiarity with PBN procedures (PBN Grandfathering).


PBN privileges are required for every IR for EASA Part-FCL Licence holders.

Course Objective

The PBN Initial Qualification Course covers all the necessary Learning Objectives for an EASA Part-FCL Licence holder to be granted with PBN privileges, in accordance with EU 539/2016.

Apply for the PBN Course with Aeolus

To apply for a PBN Course, download, complete, and send us the EASA Training Application Form.

As the cost of the course varies depending on the aeroplane type/class and the venue of the training/checking, please contact us via email for additional information or just send us the application form and we shall reply with additional information.

Additional Information

PBN Grandfathering Procedures
EASA Part FCL Licence holders with an RNAV/GNSS course certificate may be eligible for validation of PBN privileges during their LPC, provided they comply with all of the following:

  • can justify to their examiner having completed a RNAV/GNSS course by providing a certificate delivered by an EASA approved ATO or an European AOC operator;
  • pass an oral examination during the briefing prior to their LPC session;
  • are assessed as competent when performing at least one 2D or one 3D approach based on GNSS during the flight/FSTD session of their LPC.

Note: Some Authorities may also accept familiarity through Non-EASA Operators.

Granting of PBN Privileges – Other than PBN Grandfathering
EASA Part FCL Licence holders without an RNAV/GNSS course certificate, must attend an EASA approved PBN Course (Theoretical knowledge, Practical training, and Checking).

Note: Once validated, IR/PBN must be revalidated at each LPC by the successful completion of either one 2D or one 3D approach based on GNSS.