Training Policy

The following terms and conditions apply to all aspects of training offered by AEOLUS Aviation Academy.

Academy Commitment

AEOLUS Aviation Academy is committed to providing trainees with the best possible learning environment and training. We have structured all of our courses to:

  • comply with the latest Aircrew Regulation requirements; and
  • be completed in the shortest possible time, in order to maintain cost effectiveness.

As we understand the pressure on succeeding in the current, demanding, aviation environment, where only the best and knowledgable may prevail, we are unconditionally committed to providing the best and most up-to-date training, – training that will allow our candidates to become professional, safe, and successful aviators.

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Trainee/Student Responsibilities
  • It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of and to have read the parts of AEOLUS Aviation Academy Training and Operations Manual and relevant Standard Operating Procedures that apply to his/her training.
  • AEOLUS Aviation Academy:
    • reserves the right to cancel, either temporarily or permanently, and without penalty to AEOLUS Aviation Academy, the training of any student who fails to comply with the rules and regulation as laid out in the Aeolus Aviation Academy Training and Operations Manual and relevant Standard Operating Procedures;
    • shall provide appropriate aircraft and qualified instructors for all flight training. It is the sole discretion of Aeolus Aviation Academy as to which aircraft and instructors will be assigned to each student.
    • will hold a student responsible for any damages to any equipment belonging to or used by AEOLUS Aviation Academy which arises through failure of the student to observe the rules and regulations of the State, EASA, AEOLUS Aviation Academy Training and Operations Manuals and/or relevant Standard Operating Procedures.
  • The student shall make him/herself available in good time for training so as NOT to delay his/her flight and that of following students. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the training slot and a declaration of a student “no show” as defined in the Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Any further flight training beyond that stated in the course description required by the student to reach a level of performance sufficient to pass the flight skill test will be chargeable at current rates for aircraft and instructor time.