King Air Beachcraft

BE90/99/100/200 Rating


This course is for pilots that wish to obtain a BE90/99/100/200 Rating, and it is conducted according to EASA Part-FCL Regulations.

Aeolus Aviation Academy offers, as well:

  • Type Revalidation (while within the validity of the rating); and
  • Type Renewal (when the rating has lapsed),


Course Objective

The BE90/99/100/200 Type Rating course objective is to give the pilot the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to safely and efficiently operate a Beechcraft.

Moreover, to train the pilot to acquire the level of knowledge and operational skills to successfully pass an EASA Part-FCL MPA Skill Test.

Additional Information

The requirements for an Initial Type rating, Revalidation or Renewal of a lapsed one, are described in brief in the following paragraphs. For details, do contact AEOLUS Aviation Training.

Prerequisites for an Initial Type Rating
Multi-pilot aeroplanes applicants for the issue of the first type rating course for a multi-pilot aeroplane shall be student pilots currently undergoing training on an MPL training course or comply with the following requirements:

  • have at least 70 hours of flight experience as PIC in aeroplanes;
  • hold or have held a multi-engine IR(A);
  • have passed the ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations;
  • except when the type rating course is combined with an MCC course:
    • hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of an MCC course in aeroplanes; or
    • have at least 500 hours as pilots in multi-pilot operations on single-pilot multi- engine aeroplanes, in commercial air transport in accordance with the applicable air operations requirements; and
  • have completed an Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).

Note: There may be other credits for the MCC course if you have multi-pilot helicopter time.

Prerequisites for a Type Rating Revalidation
To revalidate a Type Rating:

  • your rating must NOT have expired;
  • your EASA Part-MED Medical Certificate must be current (some Authorities might accept undergoing an LPC without a current Medical certificate);
  • your English Language Proficiency (ELP) must be valid; and
  • you must have completed at least 10 sectors in the preceding 12 months. Alternatively, a sector should be completed with an Examiner in an FFS. This sector can be completed during the LPC.

Note: For PBN requirements refer to section Performance-based Navigation (PBN).

Prerequisites for a Type Rating Renewal
To renew a Type Rating, according to EASA Part-FCL.740, AEOLUS Aviation Academy must:

  • evaluate your condition;
  • assess your needs; and
  • and propose a dedicated Refresher Training program, if deemed necessary, for you to reach the level of proficiency to safely operate the relevant type of aircraft.

Note: If in addition to the EASA Part-FCL Licence and associated Type Rating, you also hold a valid rating for the same type of aircraft on a pilot licence issued by a third country in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention, and if you are entitled to exercise the privileges of that rating, a Refresher Training is NOT necessary.

You will still need a: