Private Pilot Licence - Airplane


This course provides the necessary flight training and flight examination required by EASA Part FCL private pilot licence. This licence permits the holder to fly single engine, single pilot, fixed wing aircraft under visual flight rules for non commercial purposes.

For license issuance the applicant must hold PPL theory credit which may be obtained through one of our PPL theoretical training courses.


Minimum Age : 14 years to join course, 16 years for first solo, 17 years for licence issuance
Medical Certificate : Class II
Previous training : None required
English language skills


The privileges of the holder of a PPL(A) are to act without remuneration as PIC or co-pilot on aeroplanes or TMGs engaged in non-commercial operations. The holder of a PPL(A) with instructor or examiner privileges may however receive remuneration for:

  • the provision of flight instruction for the LAPL(A) or the PPL(A)
  • the conduct of skill tests and proficiency checks for these licences; and
  • the ratings and certificates attached to these licences.
  • 45 Hours flight training in basic training aircraft with flight instructor of which 10 hours are solo, the remainder are dual
  • 2 hours flight examination (skill test)
  • PPL theoretical studies
Material / Equipment provided
  • Pilot’s operating handbook
  • Flight Training manual
  • Pilot’s flight bag
  • Log book
  • Flight computer (CPR-1 or TPS-1)
  • Navigation plotter
  • All landing, approach and handling fees
  • All paperwork and issuance of license